Gutter Maintenance

How to Protect Your Gutters & Downspouts from Weather Damage

Gutters and downspouts play a major role in protecting your roof, exterior walls, and foundation from water damage. Keeping your gutters & downspouts clean and well-maintained is key to a long-lasting facade and a water-free basement. However, since gutters are constantly exposed to the elements, simple maintenance may not be enough. If you need gutter service often, then you may need to consider one of these solutions.

Install a Leaf Strainer
Leaves, twigs and debris are the most common reason why gutters get damaged in the first place. Although gutters are designed to be tough, and resistant to extreme weather condition, debris and pooling water will finally be the end of them. The problem is that cleaning gutters is not a task you can do everyday, so a better option is to install gutter caps. They keep twigs, leaves and other debris from filling the gutter & downspouts.

Installing a leaf strainer doesn’t mean you won’t have to check your gutters anymore. Regular maintenance tasks are still in place, only it will be much easier to clean gutters that are protected by a leaf strainer.

Make Sure Your Gutters are Sealed
Wear and tear makes gutters develop leaks at joints. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you have to replace them, or call gutters & downspouts specialists. Clean your gutter thoroughly, spray them, wait for them to dry, and then apply sealant on the gaps. Make sure you coat it well, but don’t create ridges that may block water flow. Even if your gutters don’t leak, it’s still good to seal them. This is because water usually gets between the seams and works to corrode the metal. Sealing prevents this problem, and allows water to flow freely.

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