Gutter Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Call in a Gutters & Downspouts Cleaning Contractor, or Do it Yourself

Cleaning gutters is a task everyone hates, but this doesn’t make it less important. As a matter of fact, clogged gutters and downspouts can create severe property damage. Besides the fact that they can overflow and allow rainwater to drip on your exterior walls, clogged gutters can also get quite heavy, and thus become loose. In order to avoid all this, you have two options: to hire a Gutter cleaning service Monticello MNgutters & downspouts cleaning contractor, or to do the job yourself. Just remember that the task involves climbing ladders and stepping on your roof. If you’re not careful, you can severely injure yourself, or damage your shingles.

Gutter cleaning is not a very difficult job. As long as you use the right tools, and you’re very careful, there is nothing to be concerned about. These days you can find all sorts of tools dedicated to cleaning gutters & downspouts. From vacuums with gutter nozzles to remote controlled gutter cleaning robots, the options are numerous. However, most of these tools come at high prices. Sometimes, hiring a professional can be cheaper.

The first rule of gutter cleaning is to use safety equipment. Things such as goggles, dust masks and gloves are absolutely necessary. Your ladder must be in top condition as well. We highly suggest you use a ladder stabilizer, or have a person secure the ladder while you clean your gutters.

The cleaning process is self explanatory. Use a trowel to loosen debris, dust and mud from the bottom of your gutters, and put them in a bucket or garbage bag. Once all debris is removed, spray your gutters using a garden hose. Start from the middle of your gutter line, and work your way towards a downspout. Don’t forget to spray the inside of the downspout as well.

If you don’t have time, equipment, or will to do the job yourself, then contact All Around Gutter & Siding. We provide gutters & downspouts cleaning for all commercial and residential clients in Monticello, MN. Call us at (612) 910-4649, and let us do the hard work.